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  • Travel to Japan
  • Travel to Japan
  • Travel to Japan
  • Travel to Japan

01Travel to Japan

Japan offers a lot of beautiful places. During your visit in Japan you can learn a lot about the history by visiting castles, temples, shrines and more. Especially Kyoto is a perfect destination if you want to experience the ancient Japanese culture.
Japan offers countless of beautiful Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines throughout the country. Japan is a perfect mix culture, history and modern comfort. There are skyscrapers, modern restaurants and everything else you can come across in the modern world. But, Japan does have it’s own unique, modern style and can’t be compared with any other modern country.Tours & Sights

Gala, Award Ceremony,& Events Gala, Award Ceremony,& Events

02Gala, Award Ceremony,& Events

Your Satisfaction is our priority. We will handle your requests with great care from the small details to the big picture. Each step of the way will be delivered with quality. For the success of your event in Japan we will customize it to meet your needs.
Our team is ready to help you select the best venue, create the right atmosphere and leave an impression that attendees can take away.

Special Services Special Services

03Special Services

  • feel nostalgic, we have Indian sweets here in Japan with authentic Indian taste.
  • Sumo Experience with Ex Sumo wrestlers.
  • Night Cruise Dinner
  • Tea ceremony wearing Kimono and many other activates.
Other Services

04Other Services

There are new opportunities waiting for you in the Japanese market. Let us be your guide. We will be the support that sees your company succeed in the Japanese market. We will help establish the business-to-business connections that start from the proper person-to-person connections so your company can reach its fullest potential.

About Us

Started as an entrepreneurial venture in 1977, UTS soon established itself in the Japanese market, and the company has grown significantly since then. More than 40 years later the business continues to grow at a healthy rate per year, and UTS leads the field as one of the most exciting Japan as well as India specialist tour operators today.

For tailor-made holidays into Japan, we are arguably one of the bigger operators in Japan today, and our experience in this field is unmatched. Our group tours continue to be popular, thanks to the small and intimate group size, supported by flawless arrangements and attention to detail. Well-trained local professionals with first-hand knowledge of ground conditions escort the groups. Most of our guide have undergone extensive training and understand the needs of our clients.

We are focused on quality, passionate about our destinations, fair to our clients and operate within a limited price range. This simple work ethic has given us a vast pool of happy clients and a sound financial base.

Since we have products to suit diverse tastes and budgets, our clients come from all walks of life. A typical UTS client is someone who wants to see some of the “real” Japan, in comfort, and would like to combine a good holiday with a stimulating cultural experience.

Our clients return happy and recommend us to family, friends and colleagues. No wonder, well over a third of our sales are from client referrals.

We welcome you to browse through our website and hope that you will find a suitable holiday. If your requirements are not fully met by the tours on offer may we suggest contacting us for a quotation, without obligation, for a personalized itinerary?

We appreciate the fact that your holiday means a good deal to you. May we assure you that it is equally important to us?

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